A growing international interest is developing for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM). Annually, fifty percent of the Western population seeks treatment in some form of CAM. Additionally, there is a strong increase of scientific studies and publications on CAM. Various renowned medical journals have devoted special issues to the subject.

The subject, however, is controversial. The discourse is marked by extreme views, such as, 'CAM is all baloney, or placebo', and, 'It doesn't hurt to try'. Research, however, indicates that such positions are incorrect, and do not further a constructive dialog. Considering the wide use and confirmed results of various forms of CAM, as well as the proven side-effects of some forms of CAM and their interactions with standard medicine, there is a great need for dialog..

Meanwhile, health care shows an increasing integration of standard medicine and CAM, commonly referred to as 'Integrated Medicine'. A subset of Integrated Medicine, Integrated Psychiatry aims at the integration of both standard, complementary, and alternative treatments whose effectiveness and safety have been scientifically established. As a result, all aspects of human existence, including physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual features are involved in the treatment.

The conference is intended for both standard and alternative medical practitioners, proponents and opponents who wish to discuss the advantages, possibilities, and difficulties of Integrated Psychiatry. Five internationally renowned speakers with special expertise on the topic have been invited. From their respective points of view, each will shed light on the theme of Integrated Psychiatry. There will be ample opportunity to exchange ideas with them.

During lunchtime, an account will be given of a closed meeting held on the previous day concerning the outlook of Integrated Psychiatry in the Netherlands with respect to its foundation and structure. Prof. Dr. Norman Sartorius, psychiatrist at the WHO and some of the speakers will contribute.

Billboard presentations will be posted with information on corresponding initiatives in the Netherlands. Additionally, an info market will be set up, and live music will be played in the foyer during breaks.