T.Y.S. Lama Gangchen Tulku Rinpoches
'Positive Side-Effects are the Best Medicine for Health'
'Positieve Bijwerkingen; De Beste Manier van Genezen voor de Mensheid'

T.Y.S. Lama Gangchen Tulku Rinpoche is a Tibetan Lama Healer who lives in Italy and who works in different countries all over the world. He has extensive knowledge of (Tibetan) Buddhism and (Tibetan) Medicine. He is a professor and vice-chancellor of the Open University of Complementary Medicines, founded by the WHO in Alma Ata 1962. He also received degrees in Naturopathy (USA), Holistic Medicine (India), Science (Sri Lanka), Energy Medicine (USA) and Philosophy (Russia) from different universities throughout the world. He received many prices and (peace) awards for his work.

He was born on July 7, 1941 in Dakshu, a tiny village 40 kilometres from Shigaste in the Western Tibetan region of Tsang. Recognized at an early age as the reincarnation of the great healing lama Kacen Sapenla, he extensively studied the Tantra practices and secret healing methods under the guide of S.S. Trijang Dorje Chang and the venerable Zong Rinpoche. He entered the monastery at the age of five and from the Monastery of Tashi Lumpo in Tibet at the age of twelve, he received the title of 'Kancen', a title which is usually conferred after twenty years of study. Up until 18 he studied medicine, astrology, meditation and philosophy in the most important monastic universities of Tibet: Sera Me and Tashi Lhunpo. After completing his studies by receiving the title of 'Gheshe' (doctorate in philosophy) he worked as a lama healer in Nepal and India. During these years, he dedicated himself to curing the sick. While in Sikkim (India) he became the doctor of the royal family. In 1981 he began to travel throughout the world and he arrived in Europe teaching different Buddhist meditation practices like Tantric NgalSo Self-Healing, a method that helps recognize our real inner qualities and balance body, speech and mind. He diffused teachings on inner peace education and environmental care. He promoted cooperation between the East and West and encouraged the diffusion of Himalayan culture and traditional medicine. He is responsible for over one hundred centres and associations in Europe, Asia, and America. In 1992 he instituted the Lama Gangchen World Peace Foundation, a non-governmental affiliate of the United Nations. The same year he founded the non-profit organization 'Help in Action' with the aim of helping needy people in Tibet through long-distance adoptions. In 1995 he was the project planner for the institution of a Permanent Spiritual Forum at the United Nations, in which the representatives of all the spiritual and religious movements participated in order to contribute
to the realisation of world peace. He works tirelessly to help anyone who desires healing and peace by rediscovering their own nature of pure crystal.